What is the initiative about?

Language education is an area where open-access resources, online courses, virtual classrooms and social networks based on information and communication technology (ICT) are being increasingly used to give learners access to information, promote interaction and communication, and enhance digital literacy skills.

However, the rapid development of tools and resources presents both opportunities and challenges. In order to maximize the potential of ICT in language teaching, it is crucial that it is used in a pedagogically sound way that corresponds to the individual needs of the learners. It is also important that the use of ICT is introduced and supported in a sustainable way and in a range of pedagogical approaches that promote lifelong learning.


Who is it for?

  • Language teachers
  • Teacher trainers
  • Language policy makers
  • Multipliers


 Inventory of ICT tools and OERs

The ICT-REV project has developed an inventory of freely available online tools and open educational resources for language teaching and learning. The inventory contains a list of tools that have been evaluated with sound pedagogical criteria in mind. These criteria have been developed by teachers for teachers and provide essential information so that you can select appropriate applications and use them with your learners. 

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Use of ICT in support of language teaching and learning
By Mateusz-Milan Stanojevic
Video in English

ICT - REV - „Nutzung neuer Medien im Sprachenunterricht"
Von Martina Emke
Video auf Deutsch


The objectives of this initiative are as follows:

  • To promote the benefits of ICT in language education;
  • To identify and review a selection of freely available ICT tools and open educational resources which support language teaching and learning;
  • To provide training and awareness-raising workshops for teachers, education stakeholders and multipliers, focusing on self-training in the use of ICT;
  • To develop a website with an inventory of reviewed tools and open educational resources.


  • A ‘gateway’ website with an annotated and searchable inventory of ICT tools and open educational resources
  • Seven 2-day training workshops for a total of 140 local/regional multipliers in EU and ECML Member States
  • Local or regional clusters of multipliers promoting the use of ICT tools and open resources in support of language teaching and learning
  • An online workspace to support training and communication between teachers and local or regional clusters of multipliers

ECML training and consultancy

New media in language education
Online technology | Use of ICT in support of language teaching and learning (ICT-REV)

Video presenting the publication on the occasion of the ECML conference in December 2016. The presentation took place in the context of a workshop involving two related ECML project results/publications (Language for Work and More Dots).


This initiative is carried out within the framework of a cooperation agreement between the European Centre for Modern Languages and the European Commission, entitled 

The ICT-REV project team believes that effective online teaching is grounded in sound pedagogical principles and requires training and opportunities for reflection. If you would like to know more about this, you might find this book helpful, which was published by members of the team:
Developing Online Language Teaching: Research-Based Pedagogies and Reflective Practices, edited by Regine Hampel and Ursula Stickler